Friday, June 28, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

       Maybelline's color whispers are the latest big thing in the world of lipstick/lip balm hybrid products!

The Good:
-Packaging: I love the slim size of these lipsticks. I think that the colored cap paired with the silver writing combines to make an elegant,yet vibrant, facade.

The Bad:
-For a lip balm type product, these are awfully pigmented. That would be fine with me if these were marketed as a lipstick, but since they are described as a "whisper" or color on the lips I was not expecting so much color. The pigmentation is stronger the deeper in the color spectrum that you go, which is why I prefer the lighter shades in this line.
-When I wear these, I notice them "feathering" outside of my lip line. This is my main concern with these products. They seem to smudge outside of my lip line due to their slick consistency.

Are the better than...

*Revlon Lip Butters?:
  I own almost all the Revlon lip butters with the exception of four shades so I'm sure you can guess...I definitely prefer Revlon lip butters. They go on smoother and are not super pigmented from the first swipe, but they are buildable.

*L'oreal Colour riche balm?:
The L'oreal colour riche balms are could not be more different than the Maybelline color whispers. Maybelline delivers pigmented lipsticks and L'oreal delivers a lip balm with a hint of pigment.  I prefer the L'oreal for everyday use.

Lust for Blush:

Pin Up Peach:

Who wore it Red-er:

Berry Ready:

Overall, I'm not the biggest fan of this lip product. In my opinion, there are far better lip sticks/lip balms available at the drugstore. If you really love a certain color that you feel is unique then, by all means, go for it, but otherwise I would resist their alluring packaging and spend your money on something else. 

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