Thursday, June 6, 2013

L'oreal colour caresse wet shine stain

        I recently picked up a couple of the L'oreal colour caresse wet shine stain after having good luck with two other l'oreal lip products (the colour riche caresse sticks and the colour caresse lip balm.) Unfortunately, I really don't like this product and will probably be throwing them away after I am done with this post. 

Consistency: The formula for these glosses is water based. When applying, I feel like I am putting water on my lips which is kind of strange. Although it feels like water when applying, once the product is on my lips it feels thick and tacky. 

Packaging: Something to be aware of is that these do not come sealed. I would prefer that they came sealed because there is really no way to tell if someone has swatched or even used them. Buying them is risking buying someone else's germs as well. 

Scent: I am not a fan of the scent at all. However, scents are very personal and I'm sure tons of people either love the scent or are just not bothered by it. I'm very sensitive to scents, so this is another deal breaker for me.

Wear-Time: The wear- time really depends on how many layers one puts on. If you were to put on 3 or more layers I would say that the stain lasts for a couple hours at most. With one layer, it disappears on me well within an hour.

Pigmentation: Although the stains may appear to have a decent amount of pigmentation in the pictures below, I layered fix to six layers on my lips to build up the opacity.

Cost: Around $10

 For the pictures of the products swatched on my arm, the left is one layer and on the right is three   layers.

Pink Resistance:

Lilac Ever After

Overall, I was really disappointed this product and I certainly don't recommend it. 

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