Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too Faced Workdays to Weekends Perfect Eyes Set Review & Swatches

 recently put up a Too Faced value set that features seven products, five of which are full sized. It's an $116 value that is being sold for $65 online only at I bought this on an impulse upon finding it online and I am so happy I did!

Overview of the products:

Naked Eye Palette:
      One of the best things about this product is its versatility. The shades included are perfect for creating a natural or smokey eye. It has some gorgeous purplish-gray shades that are beautiful for creating a slightly colorful look, without going too far out of the box. 


In the Buff: a matte ivory
Birthday Suit: a sheer shimmery beige
Pink Cheeks: a sparkling baby pink 

Pillow Talk: a satiny tan
Satin Sheets: a frosty pink 
Lap Dance: a metallic silvery plum

Like a Virgin: a matte plummy brown
Unmentionables:metallic shimmery gray with silver sparkle
Stiletto: a matte black

    Overall, Too Faced shadows are soft, long-wearing,and blendable. The pigmentation is leaving a bit to be desired.That is the only aspect of this palette that I was disappointed in. However, the palette is called "Naked eye" so maybe the shadows are intended to be sheer. 

My rating: B-

3-Way Lash Lining Tool: 
       When I bought this set, I really wasn't interested in the eyeliner. However, I figured that even if I didn't like it, the rest of the set would still be worth it for the price. After using it a few times, I have to admit that as far as liquid liners go, this is a pretty good one. It lasts all day, delivers a dark matte black line, and isn't too runny. 
       The concept here is that the three pronged tip creates three different looks.The first being to dot the eyeliner on your lash line to create fuller looking lashes. When I used it that way it was very obvious that I had dots of black eyeliner. Needless to say, I will not be using it that way ever again. 
       The second method is to turn the eyeliner so that only one prong is pressing against your eye to create a thin line. When I used it this way, I was pleasantly surprised. Normally I am not a fan of liquid liner but I love the look of this one. It doesn't dry to a glossy wet-looking finish like other liquid liners I have tried. 
       The third method is to use all three prongs to create a thick line. This way requires some filling in as the lines leaves some gaps in between. It works fine; however, I don't have a lot of lid space so I find that creating a thin line is most flattering on me. 

My Rating: A

Lash Injection:
        I have to say, I am slightly disappointed in this mascara. It's not bad by any means, it's just not great. I would rate it as average.However, mascaras seem to work differently on everybody depending on one's natural lashes and how one applies.So, it's very possible that -for some- this mascara is ideal.
       I have tried the Too Faced "Lashgasm" mascara and loved it so I wish that that would have have been included instead. 

My Rating: C+

Mini Shadow Insurance:
     I have a ridiculous amount of eye primers in my collection, nevertheless, I have always wanted to try this too faced one! I have extremely oily lids and after testing this one out I have found that it works wonderfully to combat creasing(my main concern when it comes to an eyeshadow base.) Overall I am very impressed and can see why everyone seems to love this product!

My Rating: A+

3-piece Brush Set:
      Last but not least is a brush set. I love the girly look of these brushes. The beautiful pink handles, soft bristles, and density of the brush hairs all lead to nice, well-worthy brush set. 
      The brushes themselves are very well made. I don't think that the black part of the handle could come off of the pink part even if you wanted it to!

Liner/Smudger Brush:

Lid/ Smoker Brush: 

Crease/Blender Brush:

My Rating: A-

    Overall, I am really impressed with this set as a whole. For what is included, it is a great cost. This set is limited edition and only online at so get it while you can! It is perfect for trying out a bunch of great Too Faced products!

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