Thursday, July 25, 2013

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

Milani's Color statement lipsticks come in a wide variety of richly pigmented shades. In total there are 30 shades, with 6 in the following categories: pinks and corals, reds and oranges, plums and berries, and 9 in the naturals and browns. 

*The scent of these lipsticks is quite strong, so, if possible, I would recommend smelling one to make sure you don't hate the scent. Personally, I don't really love the scent but the product itself is nice. Ultimately, I would prefer that these had no scent. 

*I found it very helpful that the packaging clearly shows the shade of lipsticks which means there is less of a chance that A) you end up not liking the shade and B) that someone has opened it and used it in someway. 

* The lasting power on these are fairly good, and even when they faded, my lips remained somewhat "stained."

Sweet Nectar: vibrant orange

Plum/Rose: plummy-purple

Red Label: cool-toned red

            Overall, if you are looking for a huge shade range of vibrant, and extremely pigmented lipsticks and don't care much about lip product scents, then these could definitely be something worth checking out. Also, at about $5.49 a lipstick, they are some of the best quality lip products out there for the price!

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  1. I am definitely going to try these! I was recommended the shade violet volt from a friend because I love purple lips, and plummy purple is probably next on my list of shades to try!