Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skylark Lip gloss Duo

I recently received the Skylark lip gloss duo containing "Ava" and "Sophia" lip glosses. Skylark is a makeup line by Elle and Blair Fowler.I love both of their youtube channels and so I was really excited when I found out they started a makeup line!The lip glosses are inspired by the two characters in their book, "Beneath the Glitter."

 The top of the lip glosses have a little skylark bird in the color of the gloss.

The description on the box says...
"Ava/Pink- is optimistic and carefree. She's happy as a songbird and lives her life in the moment. Her youthfulness is captured in a cotton-candy pink gloss"

"Sophia/Berry- is a hopeless romantic. She's a believer of true love and glass slippers who wishes she could fly. Her sensuality is captured in a beautiful berry-stained gloss."

* In this picture the gloss looks pink,however, in real life it it much more berry toned. 

*Pigmentation: These glosses have amazing pigmentation! The color in the tube is the color that will be on your lips!
*Availability: The Skylark Lip gloss duo is sold exclusively at
* Cost: $29.95.

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