Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit

This Nyx palette is the second eye shadow palette that I ever owned! I got it at least three years ago and although you can't tell at all from the picture, I have almost hit pan in many of the shades. 

The packaging is fairly compact. The eyeshadows are super small. 

*What really stands out about these shadows is their blend-ability. They are even more smooth than most of my higher end eyeshadows. 
*When used with an eye primer, these shadows are very long-wearing. I had no problem with fading or creasing. 

Eye Shadows:

Although I don't have it to actually compare, I think this palette is extremely similar to the Too Faced natural eye palette. Having tried both this Nyx palette and too faced eyeshadows, I would go with the Nyx one!

Lip glosses: 
 I like the lip glosses but I don't reach for them over all of my others. I just consider these extra lip products as a bonus; I would be completely content even if Nyx didn't include them. 

          Overall, I think this palette is completely underrated. As I mentioned before, the shadows are buttery and blend like a dream! It's also incredibly affordable at only $12. I definitely recommend this for anyone who loves neutral, quality eyeshadows.

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