Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette

Lately, I have been reaching more and more for my Lorac Pro Palette. Since matte eye shadows are my favorite, this palette is really handy for having a nice variety of neutral, good-quality matte shadows, which are located in the top row. I also enjoy the bottom row for adding a touch of shimmer to my lid.Although the palette is primarily neutral, there is a gorgeous rose-gold shade and deep purple that is great for switching up a neutral look!

I really like the packaging of this palette. It is no bigger than it needs to be. It is fairly slim and the length is compact for how much is included. 

The Matte Shades:
The pictures make these shadows look not pigmented, but that is just because of quality of my phone camera. Sorry about that. In person, these really are lovely shadows. 

The Shimmery Shades:
-These is the better half of the palette in pigmentation and smoothness.

I think the eye primer is ok, but I probably won't use it over all my other eye primers.

Price: $42

Overall, I prefer this over my naked 1 and naked 2 palette because of its versatility and uniqueness-due to the fact that it has so many matte shades!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balms

              Almay's first lip product is a lip gloss unlike any other. It is a combination of the conditioning properties of a lip balm and the shine of a lip gloss. These have become my favorite drugstore lip gloss! I absolutely recommend them to everyone, even if you don't normally go for glossy lip products.

*Scent: These have a very distinct, kinda sweet scent to them. I go through phases of liking it and then not-liking it so much. Overall, I wouldn't say that is bothers me too much because after I apply one of them, I don't notice the scent afterward.

*I have incredibly dry lips and am constantly applying lip balms, so when I noticed that my lips remained moisturized after these wore off, I was very surprised! I don't think these will take the place of my lip balms, but they do sustain the moisture in my lips despite the fact that they are a lip gloss. I think the name "liquid lip balm" doesn't completely fit what these glosses are. I would call them, simply, "moisturizing lip glosses."


Rosy lipped: dusty rose

Cantaloupe: peachy-coral

Apricot: red-toned coral

Lilac love: pinky-purple

Apple a day: pinky vibrant red

Just Plum: deep plum

         Overall, I am really enjoying using these glosses! The shade range is nice, because it includes  neutral pinky colors, while still having deeper shades, and some brighter shades. If you are looking for a great, moisturizing, fairly inexpensive lip gloss, I recommend checking these out!

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

Milani's Color statement lipsticks come in a wide variety of richly pigmented shades. In total there are 30 shades, with 6 in the following categories: pinks and corals, reds and oranges, plums and berries, and 9 in the naturals and browns. 

*The scent of these lipsticks is quite strong, so, if possible, I would recommend smelling one to make sure you don't hate the scent. Personally, I don't really love the scent but the product itself is nice. Ultimately, I would prefer that these had no scent. 

*I found it very helpful that the packaging clearly shows the shade of lipsticks which means there is less of a chance that A) you end up not liking the shade and B) that someone has opened it and used it in someway. 

* The lasting power on these are fairly good, and even when they faded, my lips remained somewhat "stained."

Sweet Nectar: vibrant orange

Plum/Rose: plummy-purple

Red Label: cool-toned red

            Overall, if you are looking for a huge shade range of vibrant, and extremely pigmented lipsticks and don't care much about lip product scents, then these could definitely be something worth checking out. Also, at about $5.49 a lipstick, they are some of the best quality lip products out there for the price!