Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skylark Lip gloss Duo

I recently received the Skylark lip gloss duo containing "Ava" and "Sophia" lip glosses. Skylark is a makeup line by Elle and Blair Fowler.I love both of their youtube channels and so I was really excited when I found out they started a makeup line!The lip glosses are inspired by the two characters in their book, "Beneath the Glitter."

 The top of the lip glosses have a little skylark bird in the color of the gloss.

The description on the box says...
"Ava/Pink- is optimistic and carefree. She's happy as a songbird and lives her life in the moment. Her youthfulness is captured in a cotton-candy pink gloss"

"Sophia/Berry- is a hopeless romantic. She's a believer of true love and glass slippers who wishes she could fly. Her sensuality is captured in a beautiful berry-stained gloss."

* In this picture the gloss looks pink,however, in real life it it much more berry toned. 

*Pigmentation: These glosses have amazing pigmentation! The color in the tube is the color that will be on your lips!
*Availability: The Skylark Lip gloss duo is sold exclusively at
* Cost: $29.95.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay has recently released a new "naked" palette called "Naked Basics." I have both the "Naked 1" and "Naked 2" palette and while I love them, "Naked Basics" is my absolute favorite! I am a huge fan of matte makeup products and this palette contains 5 completely matte shades and 1 shimmery one. I wish that Urban Decay had made all the shadows matte, but I am still really happy with they have produced.
*Size: This palette is really small, especially in comparison to the other Naked palettes. For reference, it is the slightest bit smaller than an IPhone, making it an ideal palette to travel with.
*Texture: As with all Urban Decay shadows, these shades are all smooth,soft, and incredibly finely-milled. Their  buttery texture makes blending a breeze!
*Pigmentation: All shadows are true to the color they appear in the pan.

Shadow Description:

Venus- the only non-matte shadow of the palette, a shimmery creamy white
Foxy- this shade is also featured in the "Naked 2" palette, a yellow cream color
W.O.S. ( Walk Of Shame)- a pink toned nude
Naked 2- a light taupe
Faint- deep chocolate brown
Crave- dark black

*Price: $27 on urban $32 on or in Sephora stores

*Overall: This palette is a must-have for anyone who wears eye shadows. These matte neutral shades are perfect for creating a beautiful everyday eye look! In my opinion, this is the best Naked palette yet.

Mac Pink Lemonade Lipglass

Mac's Pink Lemonade Lipglass is a beautiful, shimmery, and vibrant pinky-coral.

Mac's labels tend to wear off after a while, so if you have any Mac products, I recommend writing the name down somewhere in case you end up wanting to repurchase.



Texture and Longevity: Mac Lip glasses are very sticky; as a result, they tend to last longer than other lip glosses. 
Opacity: For the swatches below, only one swipe was needed to reach full opacity. 

Bare Lips
Pink Lemonade

Mac Venetian Lustreglass

Mac's Venetian Lustreglass is a gorgeous red with fine sparkles.

This is a perfect color for winter/the holiday season! If you don't feel daring enough to wear red lipstick, this gloss is a great way to add a pop of red to your lips without looking like your trying too hard.

*Finish: As the name implies, Mac's lustreglasses are really shiny, giving a glass-like appearance to the lips.
*Texture: Compared to other Mac lip glosses, lustreglasses are much less sticky.
*Applicator: Brush tip applicators are my favorite for lip glosses! For this particular shade, the brush allows one to apply the gloss precisely, which is very useful when wearing a bold color. 

Applied normally
Bare Lips

Applied Lightly