Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mac Venetian Lustreglass

Mac's Venetian Lustreglass is a gorgeous red with fine sparkles.

This is a perfect color for winter/the holiday season! If you don't feel daring enough to wear red lipstick, this gloss is a great way to add a pop of red to your lips without looking like your trying too hard.

*Finish: As the name implies, Mac's lustreglasses are really shiny, giving a glass-like appearance to the lips.
*Texture: Compared to other Mac lip glosses, lustreglasses are much less sticky.
*Applicator: Brush tip applicators are my favorite for lip glosses! For this particular shade, the brush allows one to apply the gloss precisely, which is very useful when wearing a bold color. 

Applied normally
Bare Lips

Applied Lightly

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