Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Bronzer

My favorite bronzer is Hoola by Benefit. I love it because it is matte so it is perfect for contouring.It is also great for warming up your complexion for that gorgeous summer glow!
I absolutely love the packaging because it it very sturdy and can be thrown around in a purse or makeup bag with out getting damaged. I don't think that the powder would shatter even if you were to throw the thing on the ground, although who would ever want to do that?

Texture- The texture is incredibly smooth and the powder is very finely milled.

Smell- This bronzer actually smells amazing! It has a subtle nice clean scent.

Price- Benefit's Hoola bronzer costs $28 for 8 grams. I have used it almost everyday for over a year and I am not even close to hitting pan. It is definitely worth every penny for how much product you get.

If your not totally sure if you want to spend almost $30 on a bronzer, there is a set called tan about town that has a mini one. Also in this set there is "Bad Gal lash" which is one of my absolute favorite mascaras and a mini 'Some kind of gorgeous" foundation. It only costs $12!

Overall thoughts: What else can I say? It is my absolute favorite bronzer of all time because it looks very natural while still doing an excellent job of contouring!

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