Monday, July 30, 2012

Benefit's High brow

A little while ago I picked up Benefit's "High Brow" at Sephora.Benefit's adorable packaging always draws me in I can't help it! It has quickly become a must have product for me! It really brightens up the inner corner and underneath the brow!

Does it last?- If you don't rub your eyes it will definitely stay put throughout the day. I sometimes do rub my inner corners because my eyes feel itchy(darn those allergies!) but it is super quick and easy to touch up. I would recommend applying an eye primer before you apply High Brow.

How to apply- What makes this product so easy and fast to apply is that you don't need a brush.I just apply this and tap/rub it in with my finger.


Why I love it- I think that this product is perfect especially for summer because it looks natural but really makes a difference. For a simple and easy eye makeup just throw this on for highlight and add a little mascara. You will look put together without being overdone.  

Cost- For $20 It is a little pricey but I think that it is worth it because it makes such a difference!

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