Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Glosses

Benefit Ultra Plush Swatches & Review:
My favorite makeup brand Benefit Cosmetics has recently come out with 6 lip glosses based off their famous boxed powders. I have three minis in the shades Sugarbomb, Coralista, and Bella Bamba. They are the best lipglosses I have ever tried!

I find that squeeze tubes normally cause a mess but these squeeze tube tips are uniquely shaped. As you can see in the picture below(sorry it's so blury) the tip is flatter than the typical squeeze tube tip. 

They also smell incredible!!!

 From left to right: Bella Bamba, Coralista, Sugarbomb

Color Description:

Bella Bamba-I think that Benefit described it best as "sheer bright watermelon"
Coralista- coral
Sugarbomb-dusty pink with shimmer

Bella Bamba:
This one is my favorite because it is very similar to my natural lip color so it just makes my lips look shiny and full and not like they have a lot of lipgloss on.

Bare Lips

Bella Bamba

Bare Lips

Bare Lips

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