Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Concealer

Hey everyone!So today I wanted to talk about the best concealer I have ever found for blemishes. It's the "Studio Finish Concealer" by Mac. It costs $17.50 for 7 grams which,in my opinion, isn't that bad for an amazing concealer. It is heavily pigmented and will cover all redness from those pesky breakouts.

*It comes is a large range of colors so anyone who wanted to wear it could.


Consistency: This concealer is very creamy which makes it easy to blend in.Although it is creamy, it is also somewhat drying which is why I would not recommend it for the under eye area.

Oily Skin- You may need to touch it up a little bit during the day because the oils in your skin will break up the concealer eventually.
Combination skin- I have combination skin and I only touch it up in the summer when my skin is more oily.During the fall and winter I have never needed to reapply.
Dry skin- You shouldn't need to touch it up during the day.  

Overall: I love this concealer because it covers everything I need covered while not looking cakey and obvious. I have tried tons and tons of concealers from high end to drugstore and none of them have measured up to Mac's Studio Finish concealer!

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