Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best Mascara Primer

Recently I have been really into mascara primers.I have tried the one from Tarte and didn't really notice any difference. The latest one that I have tried is the "lash building primer" by Clinique. This one actually does make a huge difference in the length of my lashes! I have gotten so many compliments about my eyelashes and it is because of this primer(and my favorite mascara Benefit's They're Real.)
What Clinique claims-"Lash-conditioning undercoat boosts the benefits of Clinique mascaras. Unique polymer combination holds mascara to lashes for a longer, fuller look and extended wear. Moisturizing formula helps condition and mend dry lashes. Ophthalmologist tested."

I don't use any Clinique mascaras so I can't speak for that part of the claim. However I really can see a difference in my natural lashes after using this primer for about a month. They are much stronger and more conditioned!

Best way to apply- I have found that the best way to use this product is to apply and let it dry for a minute before applying your regular mascara.

Bare Lashes(Top)
Lashes after Clinique's lash building primer and Benefit's They're Real Mascara(bottom)

Lashes with just Primer:

The proof is in the pictures!
This mascara primer is very wet which is something I usually don't like with mascaras but becasue of the amazing results I am willing to work with it.

Price- $16 at Sephora

Overall Thoughts: This product has completely changed the way I do my makeup1 Now I focus on my lashes and I have gotten a lot of compliments because of them. If you are looking for a way to make your eyelashes stronger and longer I would definitely check this out!

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