Sunday, September 9, 2012

Benefit Matterial Girl

I recently placed an order on and came across a product I have never heard of before. This took me as a surprise because benefit is my favorite makeup brand and I always check out their site for new stuff. As it turns out this powder is only sold online which is why I had never seen it in person before.

What is it?: A mattifying setting loose powder.

Packaging: Of course the packaging is super cute, but it is actually very good quality. It feels very sturdy and the cap twists off easily. It comes with a puff which I don't use because I prefer a brush.

Price: $24

I have worn this product everyday for a month now and it has become my favorite powder. I can not even explain how well it actually mattifies your skin! One day my forehead was looking a little shiny and I dusted a very small amount on and my forehead was instantly matte!Wow that was cheesy but really, I am in love with this powder!

I would definitely this out if you are looking for a powder or if you are planning on placing an order on! It's a great powder for keeping your foundation on all day and keeping the shine away!

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