Saturday, June 22, 2013

Too Faced Summer Eye Palette

    Summer has arrived! To celebrate the warmer climate, Too Faced has released their summer line which includes an eyeshadow palette. I was so excited when I saw this palette on a little while ago. I ordered it immediately thinking it would be the perfect way to incorporate some brighter colors into my makeup this summer. Ultimately, I was disappointed. Before buying, I did not realize how much gold glitter was in most of the eyeshadows. Due to the high amounts of glitter, I ended up returning this after I swatched it (which is when I noticed the glitter.) I like the shades overall, but the glitter was a deal breaker for me.However, I think that the quality of the shadows is good. So, if you love glitter, I would still recommend this palette. 


Seashell: matte pastel peachy-coral
Plumeria: shimmery cool-toned pink
Cocoa Beach: taupe brown with gold glitter

Peach Fuzz: light yellow gold with gold glitter
Coral Crush: orangey coral with chunky gold glitter
Chocolate Sun: deep brown with lots of gold glitter

Sunbeam: yellow with gold glitter
Mermaid: shimmery blue-green
Toasted Coconut: warm medium brown with a satin finish

Cost: $36 

       If you really love the shades and don't mind glitter then this could be the palette for you. However, if you're not one for heavily shimmery/glitter shades then I would skip this one.

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