Tuesday, June 18, 2013

L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse in "Rose Taffeta"

One of my favorite products from L'oreal is their colour riche lipsticks. The one depicted in this review is the colour riche caresse stick, but I will also have another review coming soon on the colour riche balms. On a side note, I must admit that I had to research the names before writing this to make sure I had them right. I find the various lines slightly differing titles a bit confusing, especially because the name is not on the packaging! 

Pigmentation: This product is surprisingly pigmented for being described as more of a tinted lip balm/lip butter/ hybrid product. I think that -pigmentation wise- it is more of a lipstick. Although I feel comfortable enough applying it without a mirror, it does provide my lips with a nice amount of color. 
Texture: It feels very comfortable in that rather than sitting on top of the lips, I feel that it sinks in and adds a bit of moisture.
Finish: At first, the finish is rather glossy, however, after a an hour or so sheen wears off a little and my lips look "healthy" meaning they have pigment, and a slight shine that comes from the moisturizing properties. 
Cost: About $10(or less depending on the store)


          Overall, I am really enjoying this product because I find it "easy" to wear. The shade is darker than my natural lips, but not by much. It's also nicely moisturizing and adds enough shine so that no lip gloss is required. I definitely recommend this product, however, the shade range(that I have seen) is not very large. I think its worth mentioning that even though I really do like this product, I will not be buying any more because I don't think that the other shades would look very good on me. Of course everyone's coloring and features are different,so some people might love every shade, it really is up to personal preference.
          If you are looking for something that is not quite a lipstick formula in finish or pigmentation, yet still provides decent color and staying power then this could be the perfect product!

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